I see into people’s souls. That is my gift. I believe that we are born with a soul-contracted mission. When you are on that path, life force courses. Time stands still. Unmitigated joy is your compass. Creativity abounds.
You are authentically who you were born to be.  You are ‘home.’
I help my clients remember who they are by offering a road map to their heart’s content. My work is a combination of counseling based on Jungian shadow work, making unconscious patterns which sabotage, conscious … And it is a spiritual journey of transformation.
Intuitive readings meet holding your feet to the fire of personal development. Clients find me when they are at a crossroads asking, ‘Is this all there is?’  
Our society has led us astray by ignoring heart and soul-led lives. Passionate vocation, authentically loving relationships, and the key to it all, self-love from the understanding that it is an inside job.
Most have no clue as to how to operate from spiritual truths that would ensure lives well lived, full of passion, purpose. We need help as to how to navigate pain and loss with grace and awareness that we are meant to grow beyond our former selves. In fact, it’s designed this way.  
Life happens for us not to us. Much of our pain serves to grow us beyond our wildest dreams. Most losses are opportunities in disguise.
Clients find me when they are in pain, at a tremendous loss, feeling betrayed by it all.  Life has insisted that they find another way to navigate. This is my gift; holding hands and hearts through what they are going through.

I am here to help.
I am here to remind you of who you are.
I am here to love you ‘home.’