I grew up the backwoods of Maryland—a sweet and modest beginning in an idyllic setting of rolling hills and dairy farms and endless days in which to discover oneself and witness life . . .

A seeker by nature, I have always asked the questions: “What is this all about?” “What is the meaning to life?” “Why are we here?” 

I’ve spent my life trying to find the answers or, more accurately, to mine life for the answers. What I’ve discovered is, this is a blessed life. All of life. The good, as well as that which stretches us beyond our former selves—our experiences, passions, joys and our pain.  For it is our losses, our shattered hearts, which holds the potential to grow us. By choosing growth, life starts to happen for us, not to us. 

Having spent a fair amount of time in the trenches, my heart has been annihilated more times than I care to share. I have experienced losses that I thought I’d never survive, let alone recover from. I’m not sure why life hands loss to some more than others . . . What I know for sure is that these most challenging and transformative times are what I eventually became most grateful for. I am who I am thanks to this process from which I have emerged as a guide for the healing journeys of others.

These days, I live on the side of a Colorado mountain overlooking a majestic fly fishing river. My purpose and passion are sharing what I’ve learned with you and helping transform your pain into the best of you, too.