Be you.

This, my mantra of late.

I’ve been putting on hold launching my coaching practice.

My perfectionist has me paralyzed…

“But the website isn’t perfect.”

“I don’t have my blog set up.”

“I am not ready.  Maybe I need more training.”

The truth is, I’ve had a lifetime of training.  I have taken all the classes.  I have worked with the greats.

My life lessons (pain, loss, tragedy, heart ache) have prepared me.  Life as a classroom.  Experience is the most profound teacher.

I am ready.

I’m just scared.

“What if I’m rejected, or judged, criticized or ridiculed?”

“What if I don’t actually help people or make a difference?”

My brain can literally go off the rails with stories, what-ifs, and all the reasons not to.

But the truth is my heart won’t let me believe any of these lies for any length of time.

I was born to do this work.

I was born with a gargantuan heart which cares deeply about humanity.

I was born with an innate need to live out my purpose, my calling, my passion…

And that is to help people.

And I do it with gorgeous gusto and tremendous amounts of clarity, guidance, intuition, wisdom, and love.

I already am a coach and wise-counsel.

I just need to put myself out there NOW.

And so I go.

When your soul insists that it’s time, damnit, it’s time!

And so I go.

When your heart knows it’s path and purpose, there is no other that will fulfill you.

And so I go.

In the words of the brilliant Anais Nin,  “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

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