Be Still My Heart

I am a sensitive soul.
I am emotional.
I am an empath.
I FEEL stuff.
Other peoples’ stuff.
My own crazy-making-stuff.
As an intuitive, it can hard to foretell what’s about to hit the fan in the world without freaking out a little bit.
My 55 years of feeling to these depths have reminded me to surrender (cease control over the uncontrollable,) or die, quite frankly.
It’s that simple.
S.T.O.P. taking it all on.
In other words, I’m in charge of what I feel.
I am in charge of what I focus on.
I have a mantra when I feel the anxiety creeping in…
I say out loud, many times per day,
“Be still my heart.”
I put my hands over my heart & I repeat it until I come home to myself.
It instantly soothes & calms me.
The world can feel like a trembly place of late.
We can feel like we’re being batted around by the powers that be.
It can feel out of control & certainly out of OUR control.
Powerlessness can feel terrifying.
That said, we must focus on where we do have power.
We can choose how to respond to life.
In fact, we MUST CHOOSE to respond.
It begins with good self-care…
& that may mean turning off the news.
or focusing on the uplifting news…
or doing good deeds or random acts of kindness for another…
or taking more bubble baths…
or walking in nature every single day…
or getting on the floor with the hound & receiving that yummy-love more presently…
or beginning to check off that list of changes you wish to make in 2020.
When we tend to our inner world, we can better navigate the outer.
It matters not (*as much as we think it does,) what is going on out there as much as inside our own heads & hearts.
Be diligent.
Be conscious.
Be mindful.
CHOOSE to care for you.
CHOOSE wisely what to focus on.
THAT is how we make the world a better place.
We tend to our mental, physical, & spiritual health…
& then we sprinkle that love all over the place!

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